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DRAKEN Security was founded by former federal agents and operatives who have brought their years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to the private sector.  DRAKEN Security can provide quality security operators to fit any of our clients needs. DRAKEN Security has a tiered system of security operations depending on the logistics and threat level of our client’s scenarios.




DRAKEN Security Agents are highly trained professionals with years of experience and accomplishments in high-end security. DRAKEN Security Agents have protected not only the lives and families of dignitaries, celebrities, and high net worth individuals, but their reputations and standings in their communities as well.DRAKEN Security Agents use discretion and tact as their primary tools when dealing with the public. All DRAKEN Security Agents are trained to keep themselves out of the client’s way of life but at the same time attending to the client’s security needs. This is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained in order to allow the client to be comfortable and secure in their surroundings.




DRAKEN Security Agents are primarily assigned to protecting dignitaries and VIP’s within the borders of the United States. Their expertise involves protecting not only the client’s safety, reputation, and social standing; but their physical security as well.




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California Private Patrol Operator License 16541
Florida Security Agency License B1200082
Nevada Private Patrolman License 1908B




Los Angeles, California; San Jose, California; San Diego, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Reno, Nevada; Miami, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Orlando, Florida



Main Phone:  (844) 399-5130