Draken Team Members

We would like to introduce you to the members of our management team. As you get to know Draken, you will almost certainly meet some of these team members, and they will help guide you through the process of assessing your risks, choosing appropriate solutions, and selecting your personal protection team members.



Draken CEO, Jaime R. Salanga graduated from the University of Southern California School of Policy, Planning, and Development with a Masters of Public Administration. While attending graduate school, Mr. Salanga worked for a well known talent agency in Beverly Hills, California.


After graduation, Mr. Salanga joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and worked in highly classified areas of international counterterrorism and international counterintelligence.
Upon leaving the FBI with honor and distinction, Mr. Salanga taught criminal justice at a nationally accredited college and started a (then) small company focused on cyber-attacks and computer forensics that quickly grew to a full-service physical and information security company.


Draken Security has provided physical security both domestically and internationally for high profile events, celebrities, diplomats, Fortune 500 companies and high net-worth individuals under various threat levels, and has successfully conducted cyber investigations and computer forensics for several large firms from disparate sectors.


Mr. Salanga currently divides his time during the year between Miami Beach, Florida and Los Angeles, California.





Cole Zimmer, Director of Operations, runs the day to day affairs of DRAKEN Security.  Immediately upon graduating high school, Cole served five years in the Marine Corps specializing in advanced urban combat, non-lethal weapons and tactics, and demolitions. After 3 tours of duty and receiving an honorable discharge at the end of his service, Cole started his employment with Draken Security.


He has worked hundreds of details within the company varying in executive protection, event security, and site security all while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He now serves as the Director of Operations for Draken Security.



Mike Rowan

  • FBI Certified Range Master Instructor
  • DOJ Cerified Handgun Safety Instructor
  • BSIS Exposed Firearms Instructor
  • Ventura County Sheriff Approved CCW Instructor
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • TASER© Instructor
  • Retired Law Enforcement



Peter Steeves moved to rural Japan after college to study very traditional Japanese jujutsu. Now fluent in Japanese, Peter teaches the application of those old combative martial arts to those who need the same skills in the modern world. He is the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee for the West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, and International Training Coordinator for the Alliance of Guardian Angels, an unarmed volunteer organization dedicated to combating violent crime.


Certified by the U.S. Fire Administration as a Community Safety Educator and the Department of Security Service in Integrating Threat Management to Security Planning, Peter often meets with neighborhood leaders and community organizations to help them implement cost-effective measures to ensure their safety.


Now that Peter works with Draken Private Security to implement their online outreach efforts, please consider contacting him regarding anything you’d like to see implemented here on the website.



Vincent started his career right out of high school in the U.S. Army as an infantryman with the 10th Mountain Division.  After a year he wanted more of a challenge and decided to tryout for Scout Assessment and Selection, to which he passed and became a Scout/Sniper.  While with the 10th Mountain, he was deployed to the Persian Gulf and the Balkans.


Upon his return from the 10th, Vincent then transferred to the 3-160th Infantry, 40th Infantry Division (National Guard) where he was tasked out as an Operations SGT, and trained the battalion in Infantry weapons and tactics, after 9/11 he was deployed to various chemical weapons sites to work as Personal Security Detail to the battalion commander, and LAX as force protection.


During this time, between getting deployed, Vince was the Manager of Investigations and Security Operations for 99 Cents Only Stores Corp. where he lead a team of eight Loss Prevention agents to combat internal theft, and travelled between California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas running the entire Loss Prevention Operations for 99 Cents Only Stores Corp.


Throughout his lifetime he has trained in various martial arts such as Judo, Kung Fu, Mixed Martial Arts, and is a knife combatives instructor, and is well versed in small unit tactics armed and unarmed.

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