Subject Matter Experts and Consulting


What is a subject matter expert (SME)?

According to, ” person with bona fide expert knowledge about what it takes to do a particular job.  First-level supervisors are normally good SME’s.  Superior incumbents in the same or very similar positions and other individuals can also be used as SME’s if they have current and thorough knowledge of the job’s requirements”.

Is there a legal standard by which one can be classified as a SME?

Daubert set forth a non-exclusive checklist for trial courts to use in determining whether or not to admit expert testimony.  The specific factors identified by the Supreme Court in Daubert are: (1) whether the expert’s theory can be or has been tested objectively, as opposed to being a subjective, conclusory approach that cannot be verified; (2) whether the expert’s theory has been subjected to peer review or publications; (3) whether the expert’s theory is subject to known or potential rates of error; (4) whether the expert’s theory comports with applicable standards and controls; and (5) whether the expert’s theory has acquired general acceptance in the relevant academic community.

What areas can DRAKEN Security provide SME’s in?

DRAKEN Security, subject matter experts (SME), in keeping with federal Daubert rules, can contribute to trial preparation and testimony in the following areas:

– Executive Protection

– Security Guard Policy and Standards

-International Travel Security

– Automobile Crime Scene Reconstruction

– Federal Employee Pension Administration

– Hospitality Services

– Hotel and Hospitality Services

– Law Enforcement:

– Use of force

– Color of Law

– Narcotics

– Defensive Tactics

– Rule of Law

– California Police Officers Standards and Training



Entertainment Security Services

In this day in age, one single person can leak your ideas and project to paparazzi. Before, one person could share an experience and it would reach ten people. Today, a person can reach a global audience with a single push of a button. In fact, they don’t even need a computer nor need to be inside your staging areas. Why risk your personnel and staff or your innovative entertainment projects and efforts because of failed planning and lack of security?

Let DRAKEN Security control access points, secure stage equipment, protect celebrities, and help you secure the specific location where recording and production takes place. In every situation, DRAKEN Security can provide elite entertainment security services and even travel with a client from the various locations no matter the location within the United States. When you consider all the risk, DRAKEN Security will be there and be ready to help you assess the vulnerabilities of the entertainment site and help protect your innovative ideas, movie scripts, music recordings, personnel and staff, and even the talent themselves through the use of our entertainment security services.

DRAKEN Security is proud to offer specialized security services within the entertainment industry. Understanding that the entertainment industry whether music, film, and stage is based upon the confidentiality and secretiveness of the musician, cast and crew, and the actors who create memorable experiences, DRAKEN Security works diligently to protect the stage and performers without ever getting in the way, and can do so without divulging confidential information and secrets that you hold.

DRAKEN Security employs only the highest moral and ethical security protective agents so you can rest easy knowing that we honor, protect, and serve; without exploitation. Moreover, our agents are comfortable traveling with the talent by their side throughout the course of their day. The life of a celebrity takes careful attention and our entertainment security services provide celebrities with the opportunity to be themselves and worry about other things other than their personal protection. Whether accompanying them to the studio, business meeting, party, social gathering, restaurant, and even their homes, DRAKEN Security will be there and to provide the appropriate discretion that is needed when traveling with clients and celebrity professionals. Please contact our management team to see which option best fits your entertainment needs.  Below are some entertainment security services that we offer:

Access Control Points

Stage Security

Celebrity Body Guard

Talent Security

On/Off Site Security

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Evacuation

Security Surveillance

24 Hour Security

Logistics Planning



DRAKEN Security is licensed as a security agency is California, Nevada, and Florida.  DRAKEN Security is also a member of the FBI INRAGARD program and the State Department OSAC.  Call us at (844) 399-5130, email us at, or use the form below!




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