Meet Marta, our head of human resources.  She’ll guide you on how to become part of our team!  Whether you are a seasoned security professional, or new to the industry, we welcome all with good character and ethics to apply to be part of our team! Send your resume and a professional photograph of yourself to!



Are you a security professional interested in working with Draken Security? We do welcome your interest, and suggest a few considerations before you contact us.

More than anything else, remember that your demeanor and professionalism are incredibly important. We safeguard the reputations of our clients. As a member of our team, you must be an example of how much we care about those your protect. You must be competent, and instill confidence.

We require that every professional security agent on our staff meets and exceeds all legal requirements. Note that states have different requirements, and if you will travel with our clients, you must be willing to constantly keep all of your certifications updated.

Of course, a professional résumé does matter, too. Show that you’ll write good reports when needed, by writing a good cover letter. Let us know more about you to consider contacting you for an interview.

  • Of course, you must have your state-relevant certifications and be physically fit.
  • Have you completed any of the FEMA Emergency Management courses?
  • Have you completed the Dangerous Demeanor Detection course?
  • What is the highest level of your education?
  • Experience with foreign cultures?

If you believe you’d be a good fit, contact us. Share your LinkedIn profile information with us in your email (and help show us you’re serious: follow us on LinkedIn, while you’re at it).


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