Executive Protection

DRAKEN Security Executive Protection Agents are primarily assigned to protecting dignitaries and VIP’s both here and abroad. Their expertise involves protecting your safety, assets, and reputation.




Executive Protection Agents are all trained and certified in tactical emergency vehicle operations, defensive tactics, firearms, and advance work. Our Executive Protection Agents are accustomed to working in high stress environments, and can react to any potentially harmful situation, including medical emergencies. We are able to select from professionals who have completed our training partner’s extensive courses, guaranteeing that we have first hand knowledge of each individual’s personal abilities and demeanor.


Every one of our agents has passed our high standards for knowledge, ability to perform under pressure, and personality strength to handle the professionalism required in this position. Because we know every one of our executive protection agents personally, you can talk with us about the people we can provide for you. Draken Security will match you with a good fit for balancing your personal protection needs with your personal life preferences.




DRAKEN Executive protection agents use discretion and tact as their primary tools  when dealing with the public. Your personal protection team accepts the mission to keep you, and your reputation safe at all times.  All DRAKEN Executive Protection Agents are trained in how to keep themselves out of the client’s way of life while at the same time attending to the client’s security needs. This is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained in order to allow the client to be both comfortable and secure in their surroundings.




If you would like to discuss the options available to you, your family, or your business, get in touch with us. The sooner you start the process, the more efficiently we can help you. Call us at: (844) 399-5130, email us at info@drakensecurity.com.  In any case, we will contact you as soon as  possible.