Data Center Security

The modern world cannot function without data centers. Data center can be hundreds of thousands of square feet large. The buildings are dedicated to providing internet and communication services to the world.

Media and data giants rely on data centers to perform their functions without fail 24/7. Having a dependable physical security presence at your data center is vital to Service Level Agreement compliance.

Typically fines for SLA agreement violations can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Any unauthorized access could compromise your Service Level Agreements, cause millions in damage, and pose a threat to health and safety of the facility and employees.

Operating Legally

A recent common practice for data centers (to cut operational costs) is to require their data center technicians to act as security for the property and perform their duties as a tech… a practice that is illegal in the state of California.

Anyone performing security related duties must be licensed by BSIS and carry the appropriate licenses at all times.

Why Should I Hire Draken Private Security for my Data Center ?

Draken not only has all of our state mandated licenses for security operations, but we also are familiar with hazards specific to data centers including tactical surveillance and cyber security practices. Draken Security is a current member of INFRAGUARD (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and Department of State Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC). Our officers are trained to spot possible breaches. We ensure your team is operating with best practices in mind and compliant with state and federal laws. We can ensure that you do not violate your Service Level Agreements with big tech and keep your facility, employees, and reputation secure.

In addition to physical security, we can also provide remote security monitoring utilizing camera systems with immediate alerts sent to your party of choice including Draken security patrol units.

Data centers vary in size, scope, and operations so please call for a consultation.