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Patrol Services

Patrol services

Ideal for assets in warehouse, storage, or in need of overnight watch.

Draken Remote Security Monitoring

Draken Security offers a number of security services but sometimes the most effective and efficient security plans for our clients do not require physical security to be present

Draken Remote Security Monitoring​

cyber security for your work & home

Cyber Security for your work & home

Your digital assets are just as valuable and just as exposed as the physical. Find out how Draken can help you.

Uniformed Security

Draken Security officers are easily identifiable and create a strong presence in their area of operation. 

Uniformed Security

Draken Security Tactical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)​

Draken Security Tactical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Do you have reason to believe that someone may be watching you, spying on you, or stalking you ?

Draken Security and luxury Transportation

Draken Security provides professional and secure transportation for clients upon request. We have a fleet ranging from exotic to luxury in many body styles including sedans, SUV’s, sprinter vans, and luxury mini-buses to suit your needs.

Draken Security and Luxury transportation

Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Our executive protection agents are highly experienced and highly trained in the art of close protection. 

Home Defense Training

Knowledge on how to protect your family legally, and survive a home invasion robbery.

Home Defense Training

Data Center Security

Data center Security

Data Centers are critical to your business. Proper protection and safeguarding of the premise is equally critical.

combat and Tactical weapons training for actors and filmmakers

Combat and Tactical Weapons Training for Actors and Filmmakers, we train filmmakers to ensure realistic operations and weapon interaction on-camera.

combat and tactical weapons training for actors and filmmakers

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