Remote Security Asset Monitoring

Draken Remote Security Asset Monitoring is reserved for clients who do not require physical security. Draken Security offers a number of security services, but there are times when the most efficient plan does not require physical security to be present. Therefore, Draken Security offers Remote Security Asset Monitoring services. We can have cameras setup and installed in your home, estate, business, or compound. Rest easy knowing that a security professional will monitor the security feed 24/7.

Camera placement is crucial for maximum coverage. So we make sure that a proper site analysis is conducte prior to installation.

We have a wide variety of surveillance cameras with several options including:

Mobile Video Solutions
Live-streaming video allows you to manage and monitor your operations remotely.

Solar Video Solutions
Solar Video Monitoring Secure Vision™ systems are modular and scalable, and are designed to be deployed to multiple locations.

Wireless Video Solutions
Wireless Video Solutions are weather-resistant, easy to install, and operate off LTE connectivity.

Rest easy knowing that Draken Security has professionals protecting your home, business, physical assets. Draken’s Remote Security Asset Monitoring also helps insulate you and your business from false insurance claims.

Our remote security protection is unparalleled. We leverage a combination of cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence-powered solutions that are monitored by our 24/7 Operations Center.

Remote Security Monitoring System Captures Intruders on its feed.
Remote Security Monitoring System Captures Intruders on its feed.

We can completely customize a package to suit your security needs.

Here is an example of common configurations that our clients have requested.

Remote Security Asset Monitoring Packages:

  • Camera Installation. Physical Security Present. Security Camera Monitoring. Security Patrol.
  • Camera Installation. Security Camera Monitoring. Security Patrol.
  • Camera Installation. Security Monitoring (specific shifts only)
  • Camera Installation. Client Access Only.

Whatever your security needs are, Draken is honored to serve you.

The available camera packages, installation, and monitoring coverage plans vary so please call for a free consultation. (site visitation is required prior to installation).

Remote Asset Monitoring Security Camera Graphic