Cyber Security

There are very few industries that have risen as fast as cyber crime in the past 20 years. Current 2021 projections put financial damage related to cyber crime upwards of $6 Trillion.

Criminals are working hard to gain access to your private, financial, and business related information. Over 90% of cyber security breaches are a direct result of user error. Clicking a link from someone you trust, accessing the wrong webpage, logging on to open wifi networks are a very small example of how you can lose control of your vital information. Many of our clients understand the need for physical security however most do not fully understand the needs of cyber security.

Draken is proud to offer our clients personal cyber security. Through training, an introduction into secure programs, and a comprehensive walkthrough of online habits, we can effectively combat cyber crimes that may be committed against you. We offer classes on basic cyber security for everyday users but we also have our own cyber security professionals that can perform a tailored and personal cyber security assessment for our VIP clients for their home network or business. Our cyber security professionals have worked for government agencies, aerospace, tech giants, developed programs, training, assessed risks, and investigated cyber crimes to help them fight this constantly evolving battleground. There are several areas that we can assist our clients with including:

  • Understanding Cyber Security (home and business)
  • Mobile Device Encryption
  • Email Encryption
  • End to End Encryption,
  • Wifi Security Hardening
  • ioT Security Hardening
  • DVR Security Hardening
  • Firewall, IDS, SOC, SIEM, and Virtualization Application and Optimization
  • Cryptocurrency Cold Storage Training
  • Penetration Testing and Risk Assessments
  • Cyber Security Awareness and Operational Security Best Practices Training

For our VIP clients we can offer a full cyber security assessment of your home and/or office including tech, programs, and security best practices remedies to ensure that you are protected.

Cyber Security has many variables in regards to service and effectiveness so please call for a free consultation.