Draken Security Tactical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Do you have reason to believe someone may be spying on you? Do you have a jealous ex, a stalker, a rival business competitor, someone trying to destroy your reputation, a former business partner, suspect corporate espionage, blackmail, or an investigator trying to gather intelligence on your activities on someone’s behalf?  You are not alone and there are a number of reasons why someone would be motivated to want to violate your privacy. Spying has greatly evolved since the boom of the digital age and the methods/tactics have become infinitely more effective for those looking to prey upon your privacy.

TSCM stands for Tactical Surveillance Counter Measures, or as it’s more commonly known “bug sweeping”,  is the technical skill of being able to locate unwanted or unknown electronic devices that are transmitting private data (photo, video, or audio) to an unauthorized source without your knowledge. These devices could be anything from a hidden camera, hidden audio recorder, GPS tracker, or even a tapped or compromised phone line or other devices. These devices are usually cleverly concealed inside someone’s private residence, work place, or vehicle in an attempt to ruin reputations, steal proprietary or intellectual property, stalk or harass individuals and companies.

Placing these devices is highly illegal and difficult to detect but we can help you fight back. Our techs are certified to operate highly sophisticated equipment in order to locate and dispose of these devices.

Draken Security provides high end security services (including TSCM) for VIPs, entertainment professionals, celebrities, silicon valley CEOs, private individuals, small businesses, and multi-national corporations (Due to our confidentiality agreements we are unable to disclose a list of clients). Our TSCM team is highly skilled, well equipped, and very affordable. We understand your privacy should not be dictated by price points so we try to work with all budgets in order to serve you.

Upon completion of our TSCM sweep we provide a statement of service and a declaration of findings.

Contact us for a free consultation and we can help give you back your privacy.