Combat and Tactical Weapons Training for Actors and Filmmakers

Most actors dream of getting that chance to do an action role. The problem is that most actors are not proficient in tactical operations of firearms or mindset training that those roles are supposed to emulate. Imagine watching a film where the lead is supposed to be someone with military training and you quickly realize they are not holding their weapon correctly. For anyone watching that knows how to do this, they immediately discredit the actor and are pulled out of the cinematic experience. Not only do our instructors possess the know-how for tactical situations, they have also served as advisors and tactical trainers for entertainment projects. We can help you learn how to technically command the performance with both weapons and hand to hand combat,  as well as help you understand the process of how to handle weapons and related physical stunt actions and look like a professional doing it. You may be born for acting, but realistically handling weapons requires the training and know-how that we can provide.